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Ccopy from the first post for now.

-Known Issues and solutions/Upgrades.-

Servo Replacement Guide

Swashplate separation Issue: The swashplate has been known to separate easily in crashes (experienced by most flyer's including myself) Symptoms: The V911 will become noticeably sluggish or uncontrollable following a crash Solution: Press the two halves of the swashplate together OR replace with the swashplate from the Solo Pro

Motor issues Issue: Motor becomes hot, noisy or seizes during operation Symptoms: Listed above Solution: Replace motor with the motor from the Nine Eagles Bravo SX

Toilet Bowl Effect CAUSE:Too much flybar friction SOLUTION:decrease friction on the flybar backing out the screw until the flybar moves freely

Vibrations CAUSE:Too heavy or out-of-balance flybar weights SOLUTION: modify stock flybar or purchase an aftermarket, adjustable weight flybar (IE: Xtreme Solo Pro CF)

CAUSE:Main gear (out of round, "wobbly", not flat, non-meshing teeth) SOLUTION:replace the main gear

CAUSE:Too much play in the mixer arms ("see-saw thingy's") SOLUTION: flip the mixer arms over (one at a time - trial and error depending on your setup)

CAUSE:Too much play in the rotor blades on the pivot pins SOLUTION:fill the gap with spacers (washers) ensuring the blades still freely pivot with less lateral movement along the length of the pin

CAUSE:Out-of-balance (malformed) rotor blades SOLUTION:replace blades with a new spare set (it was reported that a new set of blades helped alleviate shuddering issues)

CAUSE:Too much play in the inner diameter of the swash SOLUTION:use a small amount of tape to increase the diameter of the main shaft without introducing too much friction to the inside diameter of the swatch

CAUSE:Swash separation SOLUTION:ensure the swash pieces are not separated (gap between top and bottom pieces) before flying (there are many posts on gluing and securing the OEM swash) OR replace with a Solo Pro swash (reportedly does not separate) or an aftermarket swash (cnc etc)

CAUSE:Misc head issues (incl. above causes including flybar issues) SOLUTION:replace with a suitable replacement head (stock, solo pro, aftermarket (IE: Xtreme) metal or delrin) - NOTE: if you use a Solo Pro head - you should also use Solo Pro rotor blades as the pivot pins are smaller making issues worse with v911 OEM rotor blades (as per cpuken)

CAUSE:Too much general friction in one or more areas of the heli SOLUTION:Lube the motor and gear components with your lube of choice (including ball joints with wet or dry lube - pencil graphite has been sworn by) closely inspect all moving parts for hair, lint, grime and general debris

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