Stub Page

This should contain specifications on things like Main shaft, Motors, Gears and so on.

Battery types:

TC531131 = 120mah 15C 37x12x6mm 3.94g

TC531136 = 130mah 42x12x6mm 4.55g

UC531136 = 130mah 4.4g

TC551136V = 145mah 4.38g

TC551140 = 150mah 25C/50C

TC551140T = 150mah 25C/50C 47x12x6mm 4.90g

TC551140V = 150mah 25C/50C 47x12x6mm 4.90g

TC551148 = 200 mah

601235P = 150mah

UC551148 = 200mah new style V911 battery 6g

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